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Empower Sales

About Empower Sales

Empower Sales helps companies grow revenue by using the phone more effectively. They work to eliminate the barriers that keep most sales teams from reaching their quota every month. Call reluctance, low conversion rate, and poor messaging. Within 6 months, they can create a world-class sales team that is capable of exceeding goals without adding additional headcount.


Agency Owner, Keith Dawson, spent six years at three different sales organizations. He has used cold calling as his “secret weapon” to rise to the top of each company. He has been named Rookie of the Year twice because of his ability to pick up the phone and create opportunities. He has worked tirelessly on his craft, as well as tapping into the knowledge of industry experts such as Josh Braun, Mike Weinberg, Ryan Reisert, Jeb Blount, and Alex Hormozi.


  • Cold calling as a service
  • Cold call training
  • Building outbound playbooks for outbound teams
  • Channel validation


“From the day I met him I knew Keith had a special ability for sales. Since that moment he’s done nothing but work tirelessly to hone his craft. His professionalism and ability are second to none. I truly believe any company looking to outsource sales would be extremely satisfied with Keith’s services!”
– Ben John | President, Empower Health

“When I started working with Keith, I thought he would support me with outreach to prospects and help me build an Outbound Sales Playbook. There hasn’t been a single session with him that I haven’t walked away with either an insight or a valuable piece of wisdom that I can immediately apply to my business. You don’t hire Keith, you partner with him in a powerful co-creative process to supercharge your sales – forever.”
– Luisa Molano | Founder, Path to Purpose

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