GTM Jumpstart Program

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What is it?

The GTM Jumpstart program is exactly what you expect, an immediate increase in conversations, meetings, pipeline, and learnings. This six-week program is designed for “Founder Led Growth” organizations needing more meetings, “Product Led Growth” Teams who need to prime their pipeline, and Sales Teams struggling to enable their “closers” with enough meetings to take to the finish line.

Why do you need it?

Because you need pipeline now and choose process and efficiency over headcount. We’ve drilled thousands of wells and continue to discover the best and most efficient formulas to fuel top-of-funnel growth. We are an extension of your team. When you’re ready to bring it in-house, we will transition and transfer the playbooks, the learnings, and momentum directly to you, your leadership, and your in-house team.

What do you get?

  • Validate the list (2000 records)
  • Messaging Workshop
  • Guarantee 300+ conversations and 45 hours of live dial session time
  • Follow-up email and workflow process
  • SDR Leadership, Management, and Coaching
  • Weekly updates via Zoom meeting
  • Your internal reps may shadow our callers during the last 2 weeks to transition over the process + optimized messaging framework to include: Introduction Call Framework, Follow-Up Call Framework, FAQs, and Common Objections with Rebuttals.

On-going Options

  1. We continue to be your SDR team 100% performance based.
    Cost: $800/Meeting Scheduled ($12,000 for 15 meetings minimum)
  2. We become at the top of the funnel doing the hard calling, getting to the hard “no’s”, weeding out the people this is not relevant for, and then pass the follow-ups to your internal team.**
    Cost: Outcomes-based at $7,500 for 50 Activated Leads ($150/Activated Lead. Meeting or warmer lead your team should be following up with).
  3. Use our core Phone Ready Leads® Pareto Validation On-Demand to fuel your in-house SDRs or AEs.
    Cost: $6/record processed ($3,000/month minimum spend).

**We’re either booking a meeting on the first call or getting people to say, “That’s interesting, give me some information”. We start to activate and pass off these leads to your team so they’re taking warmer leads, which is the perfect way to scale a new team.

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