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Contacts scored by Phone Ready Leads® will be segmented in a way that allows your sales team to leverage their skills efficiently.

You’ll know which prospects answer the phone and which ones might not, so your team can craft their cadence accordingly. This is possible without adding additional technology or staff.

Time Well Spent

Your reps will spend less time making dials, talking with gatekeepers, and leaving voicemails. That means they’ll have more time to hone their messaging, follow up, and close more sales.

Phone Ready Leads® answer the phone 19% of the time on average.  What this means is that in the same number of dials it takes your reps to have 1 conversation today, they are averaging around 7 when calling Phone Ready Leads®.


With no new tech to implement or additional staff to hire and train, Phone Ready Leads® takes the hassle out of selling and delivers the kind of profitable revenue growth customers need.

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