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“Plain and simple, Phone Ready Leads® has drastically improved our connect rates and the number of meetings booked for the SDR team. They spend half the time booking the same amount of meetings.” -Josh Pearson, VP of Sales at Qohash

Qohash is a data security platform that finds, tracks, and safeguards the world’s most sensitive data by partnering with top organizations to deliver lasting value in the shortest possible time frame, providing total data clarity and actionable insights, while solving fast-moving challenges.

The Problem

Qohash CEO, Jean Le Bouthillier, issued a company-wide goal of achieving $5M ARR by the end of 2023 in order to obtain a Series B funding round. Although a percentage of funding would be from partner-lead deals, the number of SDR-sourced deals needed to significantly increase in order to supplement this approach.

The Main Goal: Increase the number of meetings booked by their SDRs because more meetings equals more qualified opps, which equals more closed-wons.

The SDR team noticed a handful of challenges within their existing outreach methods that was hindering them from achieving that goal:

  • Very low connect rate (3%).
  • A lot of bad data from ZoomInfo.
  • Parallel dialing led to not being patched quick enough to prospect, or there was a delay, resulting in dropped connects.
  • Quality of prospecting reduced in order to “feed the machine”, that is, feed the parallel dialer with enough prospect data to make it useful.

The Solution

Qohash did not consider any other solutions besides Phone Ready Leads® because of the significant lack of options for finding a vendor that can promise the same results.

As far as other tools, they tried Orum’s Power Dialer and Parallel Dialer.

Their goal with PRLs® was to potentially stop use of the Parallel Dialer, which was costing them approx. $1000/rep/month. VP of Sales, Josh Pearson, ultimately chose PRLs® due to its “unmatched ability to increase the number of SDR meetings booked, and the excellent customer support Justin provided.”

“Plain and simple, PRLs® has drastically improved our connect rates and the number of meetings booked for the SDR team. They spend half the time booking the same amount of meetings.

Justin has been committed to ensuring the success of PRLs® for our team. He meets with us weekly, responds to email inquiries quickly, and provides suggestions to ensure we are getting the most out of the leads he provides.”

The Results
Phone Ready Leads® has been a game-changer for the Qohash SDR team. By focusing on calling prospects who pick up the phone, not calling bad phone numbers, and spending more time carefully prospecting, the SDRs have been able to book 2X the number of meetings per week. This can be attributed to the following: 

  • Connect rates are up from 3% to 5%.
  • Connect rates for P1 leads are 25%+!
  • SDRs never miss a connection with a good lead.
  • SDRs never have any bad connections. All bad contact data is removed from sequences.
  • SDRs spend more time rigorously prospecting the right leads.


Joshua concludes, “I would recommend Phone Ready Leads® due to its ability to drastically increase the number of meetings outbound SDR’s book and excellent customer support.”

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