Your List Is the Strategy: Maximize Outbound Results in 1 Business Day


How you approach the list your sales reps work will determine how well you maximize outbound results.

Let’s say your sales reps have 1,000 leads you would like to explore as a possible future customer. 

You have enriched this list with “premium phone data”. 

20 to 40% will pick up the phone if you call them enough times (200 to 400 live phone conversations). 

20 to 40% will be named verified, but will not pick up the phone no matter how many times you call them (200 to 400 name verified leads). BUT, might be influenced using the phone if you combo your activities with Phone, VM, Email, Text, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other channels. 

30 to 50% will have working phone numbers, meaning you can get to an active voicemail, but they will not be name verified and will not pick up the phone no matter how many times you call them (300 to 500 not verified leads). BUT, might be reached if you use other channels like VM, Email, Text, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other channels.

5 to 20% will need your attention. The numbers provided by “premium data vendors” are either bad, disconnected, reach the wrong person, or do not have a path to a working vm.

Now an average lead from a “premium data vendor” has 1.7 phone numbers. This could be a combination of Mobile, Direct, & Corporate. 

Let’s say a rep works this list of 1000 leads, calling every lead and every number at least 5 times over different business days. They do not call people back in this time frame if they already reached them and determined that a number was not worth calling again (the 5 to 20% in needs attention).

In this case, a rep would have to make ~5,950ish dials. 

5,950 dials to learn that 20 to 40% pickup the phone, 20 to 40% are name verified, 30 to 50% are not name verified and 5 to 20% are not worth making any dials to at all.  

If a rep makes on average 50 dials a day, it would take 119 business days to complete this list. 

With an average of 20 working days a month, that is just shy of 6 months of work. 

Or a company can use Phone Ready Leads®

Maximize Outbound Results

Send your list of 1000 leads to us and, in 1 business day, know which leads are most likely to fall into each of these categories. 

That immediately eliminates wasting any rep labor on 5 to 20% of the list. 

And allows reps to prioritize the remaining 3 categories of leads to maximize the effectiveness of their outbound efforts. 

List 1 – Just call the 200 to 400 who pick up. 

List 2 – Use the Tony J. Hughes method to the 200 to 400 who are name verified. 

List 3 – Use other channels for the 300 to 500 who are not name verified. 

List 4 – Review to replace the leads with new contacts or move into list 3 for other channel activation. 

Same list. 

Same rep.

Same message/offer. 

Just last mile scoring applied. 

The list is your strategy.

Would you rather have list intelligence for channel activation in 6 months or 1 day? Schedule your best day of calling ever here.

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