8-10X More Opportunities in Real Estate


“Phone Ready Leads® was an amazing investment because I get so many more opportunities every day and the answer rate is near 1 in 3 and sometimes 1 in 2!” -Jon Burden, Realtor at Woosa Properties

With shifting markets in real estate, it’s becoming more difficult to pinpoint what prospecting channels to use in order to generate more leads. Realtor, Jon Burden, was getting weary of cold calling, which had previously been an effective channel. He needed something way faster and more effective.

The Problem
Jon needed to make cold calling worthwhile like so many others in real estate. However, the more effort he put into cold calling, it was becoming less worthwhile, especially with the market shifting. His team found that they would start calling on a list of properties, only to be met with unmotivated sellers and buyers.

The Solution
Jon considered pursuing a completely different lead source channel because the market was shifting, such as running ads and door knocking, among others, despite the fact that he had put years into learning the skill of cold calling and made several million in commissions through that channel alone. He then heard of Phone Ready Leads®.

Jon said, “I felt like, if Phone Ready Leads® were right about improving my efficiency in calling, anywhere close to 8-10x, then it would absolutely be worth it. I knew if I could consistently be on the phone with good leads all day long it would turn into a lot of business opportunities.”

The Results
Using Phone Ready Leads® didn’t change the way Jon approached sales, but shifted his mindset and attitude towards it, which is a powerful factor in selling. “I am now so much more excited to start my work day because I know I will have some amazing opportunities every day when I cold call, whereas before connecting with Phone Ready Leads®, I might get a listing every other day or a few times a week.”

Jon adds, “Phone Ready Leads® was an amazing investment because I get so many more opportunities every day and the answer rate is near 1 in 3 and sometimes 1 in 2!”

Out of about 254 leads that Phone Ready Leads® sent back to Jon that were very likely to pick up, he is now working with 3 buyers from 1 million to 1.5 million. He has conducted 2 listing appointments and has 2 more set up. One listing appointment is with a seller that needs to sell land that is worth $130k, sell a condo worth $300k, and buy a condo worth around $500-$600k. He also has another 8-10 leads that are more long term follow ups that are very serious about selling within the next 12-18 months who he has built a great rapport with. “I created all of these opportunities in only about 3 weeks of calling daily at about 3-5 hours a day.”

Jon concludes, “The first reason I would highly recommend Phone Ready Leads® is they offer to let you start with a no risk trial! So just see for yourself that it’s as good as I’m saying it is. I would recommend Phone Ready Leads® because, as long as you follow up with prospects you had good calls with, you will close significantly more deals than you ever did because you will be given around 8-10x more opportunities. It’s seriously incredible! Also, for the most part you aren’t competing for the business!”

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