Landing Client After First Two Hours of Dialing

“With Phone Ready Leads®, after only 45 dials (2 hours of dial-time) I was able to set 2 new meetings and landed a new client.” -Graham Hoopingarner, Owner of Hoop & Garner

Hoop & Garner specializes in building technical teams for startups. They were in search of a solution to help them with their outbound efforts to set more meetings.

The Problem
For the two years being business, Hoop & Garner struggled with setting meetings and getting clients to use their services. Owner, Graham Hoopingarner, explained that they tried other sales programs that advertised the ability to help with these areas. What they discovered was that they were paying a lot of money for sales-theory and nothing concrete that could be implemented to deliver results.

They also tried joining Discord servers for sales professional that provide email templates for email outreach, but nothing offered solid advice for phone conversations.

The Solution
They came across a LinkedIn post from Phone Ready Leads’s® CEO, Ryan Reisert, where he recorded a video of himself setting meetings. After talking with Ryan and seeing that he worked with other well known sales professionals like Josh Braun, it made sense to try out Phone Ready Leads® as a solution.

The Results
Graham says, “With Phone Ready Leads®, after only 45 dials (2 hours of dial-time), I was able to set 2 new meetings and land a new client.” To put this into perspective, they used a popular dialing service that markets itself as help you “10x your phone conversations”. After a trial with them for 8 hours and using their script they set 0 meetings. Instead, Phone Ready Leads® quickly proved to outperform any other solutions previously tried.

One of the most invaluable aspects of utilizing this service was the real-time coaching session they had with Justin from Phone Ready Leads®. Graham Hoopingarner says, “Justin was able to listen in and give me advice on where my script was falling flat. After a few edits, we put the updated script into action and it helped move my conversations along (whereas before they were ending abruptly).”

Graham concludes, “If you’re looking to set more meetings, have more conversations and create an iterative sales process that keeps your pipeline full – then Phone Ready Leads® is the way to go. Phone Ready Leadsallows you to have more practice as a rep, creating more confidence in your calls, saves you time by telling you who actually pick up their phone, and gives you real-time feedback on how to set more meetings.”

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