Less Activities, More Meetings, And More Time Back

If you’re struggling driving meeting conversions at the top of funnel, Phone Ready Leads® is a no brainer implementation that your company or sales organization should invest in. Spending more time with people who are more likely to connect has a direct, positive correlation with more conversions at the top of the funnel.” – Seth Peters, Senior Sales Trainer & Enterprise SaaS Sales Executive, Maestro Group

Sales acceleration consulting firm, Maestro Group, was on a mission to generate 6 new meetings per month for a healthcare client’s new SaaS product to add to their pipeline, while presenting activity reports during weekly meetings with client. This is how they were able to start getting consistent connection rates, competitive intelligence, and more time back.

The Problem
Maestro Group’s main challenge was the combination of facing an oversaturated market, plus projects and investments put on hold due to COVID. Prospect engagement was also significantly down in the industry due to staffing shortages and COVID case spikes. They had no ICP to base their target on and there were no marketing support for the product coming from the brand.

They found that getting connections was very difficult and spent lots of hours producing many activities across multiple channels, but were not getting enough phone connections to drive new meetings and conversions. They were spending more time and energy on efforts, resulting only in poor results.

The Solution
Besides continuing to execute with high activity, the Maestro Group felt that there was a big miss with who their target customer was, the messaging, and timing for launch. They didn’t want to make any large investments for support because engagement was down across all channels (phone, email, and LinkedIn). And there were no real viable solutions that made sense economically to what their challenges were for the client.

But when they came across Phone Ready Leads®, it made sense to try it out due to the affordability and its value focused on getting phone call connections and identifying people who will actually answer the phone. This is where they knew they needed the biggest support if they were going to get more wins.

They felt confident that they’d get enough ROI from the investment for it to make sense and felt the Phone Ready Leads® process was worth exploring.

The Results
Maestro Group landed a meeting with a high-level decision maker the first week of using Phone Ready Leads®. This was perfect timing because their client was becoming more frustrated with performance, even though the other company working in a similar capacity had less activity and results. Maestro Group told the client how they were leveraging new strategies to drive more phone conversions the week before starting Phone Ready Leads®, then getting the first meeting was MASSIVE! Their client was excited and happy with the work. They also found results in these other areas:

More Time Back. After reviewing the contact data that they sent in for the Phone Ready Leads® pilot, they were able to see that they had been wasting 75% of their time every time they contacted the list they had been using before. Having the extra time back is now spent in other ways for internal and additional research and development for the client.

Positive, Confident, Dialed-In Mindset. The difficult part of executing a high volume of cold calls is maintaining a positive and confident mindset. When you have very limited conversations, it’s hard to find the confidence to have valuable conversations with strangers. Before Phone Ready Leads®, they felt there were times when they were caught off guard when someone answered because it had been 100 calls since anyone picked up, or the 2 connections
in a day were both negative so it made it difficult to bounce back quicker, with more stress and pressure with each connection to drive a conversion. Phone Ready Leads® forced them to put blinders on and stay dialed in with every call because they could now expect everyone to pick up.

Consistent Connection Rates. After the first four sessions with Phone Ready Leads®, they averaged a 15% connection rate, with new people picking up during each session. This helped with forecasting and knowing how they were going to get ample opportunities for results and could predict outcomes for the client much easier.

Re-Targeting. Since their new leads were more likely to answer the phone, conversations were more impactful. Even people who had a solution they were happy with would offer helpful insights and timelines for when they might be better suited for a conversation. Phone Ready Leads® helped them construct a better pipeline for the client where they could showcase future opportunities that were warm, but also where they could cut targets that don’t make sense to focus on based on the intel gained.

Competitive Intelligence & ICP Insights. Because of better conversations, they were able to learn more and have more ammunition of value to overcome objections, especially for not having any real industry insight examples to use previously. Now that they were learning more from prospects, they could apply that to the other channels, such as email and LinkedIn, to drive more conversions and awareness more effectively.

Cold Calling FUN Again. Cold calling is the one thing most sales professionals dread doing. Most sales professionals hate cold calling because they don’t have good data, they don’t get consistent connections, and they’re getting shut down more than they’re getting buy in. But when you have a list of prospects who you know are more likely to pick up the phone, it creates that excitement to make calls again. People who are more likely to pick up the phone are more likely to help you (and not be rude). Senior Sales Trainer & Enterprise SaaS Sales Executive at Maestro Group, Seth Peters, says, “Phone calls are a preference for consumers. Finding the target prospects who prefer phone conversations with Phone Ready Leads® is a great value to any sales professional or organization.”

Seth says, “I would highly recommend Phone Ready Leads® to anyone in my network personally and to my clients. I’ve already begun mentioning the service to my network based on my usage. It empowers a positive mindset for sales professionals to pick up the phone and smile and dial again. It’s also extremely time efficient. I’ve gotten more time back for the sales professionals and we only spend the minimum amount of time needed with the folks who offer the biggest opportunity to convert via a cold call.”

He adds, “If you’re struggling driving meeting conversions at the top of funnel, Phone Ready Leads® is a no brainer implementation that your company or sales organization should invest in. Spending more time with people who are more likely to connect has a direct, positive correlation with more conversions at the top of the funnel.”

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