The Iron Man Suit for Your Sales Team

Of the infinite number of challenges sales leaders face, diversification and ownership of various lead gen channels is arguably king. Without consistent lead volumes your team starves. Read on to see how Artemis Distribution solved for this.

The Problem
For the past three years Austin Evans, the Director of Inbound Sales & Sales Enablement at Artemis Distribution, and his team were hell bent on laser focusing their Facebook ads channel. This is all fine and dandy until you hit a wall where CPS, CPL, and volumes trend in the wrong direction.

Initially, they were skeptical that outbound was the answer given the data from Salesforce on CPS for inbound vs outbound being 62% skewed in favor of inbound, but they took a leap and reached out to the team at Phone Ready Leads®.

Their primary objective was to diversify, or rather, move away from their over-reliance on inbound leads which hit a wall. To do that, they needed to incorporate an outbound strategy, ideally an intelligent one.

The Solution
When looking at solutions, Austin says, “We looked at other solutions, like Zoominfo, Connect and Sell, Apollo, etc. My first thought was, “just go buy data and stick your reps on it”. This was an idiotic strategy.”

Not only is data hilariously entropied after 12 months, but to stick your reps on unvalidated leads is an effort in futility. In Artemis Distribution’s case, a 3.32% dial:connect rate type effort in futility. Austin added, “I’d bet my life most data vendors are sitting on data that is far more antiquated than 12 months.”

Ultimately, Artemis Distribution needed three things:

  1. Low CPS.
  2. Greater return on time for reps (dial to connect rates).
  3. More meetings.

Austin says, “Conjoin that with the right telephony solution to dial at scale and you have THE Iron Man suit for your sales team. No one does this better. NO ONE.” To date, Austin has never seen a strategy so RUTHLESSLY effective at maximizing rep efficiencies, namely dial:connect rates. “PRLs® are simply revolutionary,” Austin adds.

The Results
Artemis Distribution has moved away from their primary (once) dogma of Inbound only to Outbound that FEELS like inbound because of the utterly staggering dial to connect rates.

Their last segment of data that they’ve been calling on has produced a dial to connect rate of 46.3% which is UNREAL for a cold list.

“I believe so much in the power of PRLs® that I have literally staked the fate of my career on it.” – Austin Evans, Director of Inbound Sales & Sales Enablement at Artemis Distribution

Austin says, “Tell me where else you get performance like that? Hint – you can’t. I believe so much in the power of PRLs® that I have literally staked the fate of my career on it. We have fully migrated out of Outreach into a PRL® + Phone Burner phone first (first principles) strategy and the results are jaw dropping. Phone Ready Leads® has won me over for life. : )”


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