Your List Is the Strategy: Maximize Outbound Results in 1 Business Day


How you approach the list your sales reps work will determine how well you maximize outbound results. Let’s say your sales reps have 1,000 leads you would like to explore as a possible future customer.  You have enriched this list with “premium phone data”.  20 to 40% will pick up the phone if you call […]

Lead Generation Industry Benchmarks: Cost per Lead Analysis


In the world of lead generation, demand generation, sales development, and sales, everything hinges on one crucial element: leads. In this blog post, we will delve into the often overlooked power of phone-based lead generation and explore industry benchmarks to understand its cost-effectiveness. While many businesses prioritize advertising, social media, and email campaigns, we will […]

4 Possible Outcomes for Every Cold Call


When cold calling, everyone wants to scheduling meetings. But the reality is that most cold call conversations will not result in a scheduled meeting. And in many cases, should not be scheduled right now. Stick with me here. According the Chet Holmes Buyers Pyramid: 3% of your market is buying now. 7% is open to […]

Meetings Scheduled: Cut Time by 10X


We have looked at the cost of meetings scheduled and how to cut that down by 10x. But, most sales leader respond to cost with things like: “Ryan, the cost is not that important. Our SDRs do more than just make calls.” “Ryan, we don’t pay that much for our reps.”  You may be thinking […]

Meetings Scheduled: Cut Costs by 10X


Before we get to the costs of meetings scheduled, let’s look at the cost per conversation. If you pay a team of reps $4,000/month as a base salary to cold call and they make 50 dials a day, this is what you are currently paying your reps per conversation everyday: Avg. Dial to Connect 2% […]

The Future of Sales Is Now


It was 2008 and, as a math kid coming out of college, my brain could not help but try to solve complex math problems.  The problem for every sales person:  Chet Holmes lays it out in his book “The Ultimate Sales Machine” through a concept he describes as The Stadium Pitch using data from what […]

Know Your “Dollar Per Dial” Metric


If you dial for dollars, the question should not be, “How many dials does it take for me to make a dollar?” The question should be, “How many dollars do I make every time I make a dial?” Here’s why: Let’s say you are a full cycle AE who sells a $15,000 product or subscription. […]

3 Steps to Building a Winning Cold Calling Script


Figuring out how to write a cold calling script that actually converts leads into customers can be tough. You don’t want to come across as pushy or sales-y, but you also need to ensure you’re getting your message across.  At times, cold calling can feel like you’re walking on eggshells when you’ve interrupted an agitated […]

3 Cold Calling Hacks to Get More Meetings


Supercharge your B2B sales success with these expert cold calling hacks! Cold calling is one of those things that’s easy to do but hard to master. On one hand, there’s nothing complicated about picking up the phone and calling leads. On the other hand, creating consistent success with your cold calling is an art form […]

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