The Future of Sales Is Now


It was 2008 and, as a math kid coming out of college, my brain could not help but try to solve complex math problems. 

Washington State University

The problem for every sales person: 

Chet Holmes lays it out in his book “The Ultimate Sales Machine” through a concept he describes as The Stadium Pitch using data from what he calls The Buyers Pyramid.


What he shared set me on a path of pounding the phones and learning everything I could about how to convert cold conversations into sales opportunities for over a decade.

According to the buyers pyramid, only 3% of any market is actually buying right now. So in simple math terms, that means that in any given time frame you would like to be closing sales in a predictable manner, only 1 out of 33 perfect fit customers are buying right now. 

If you want to close 1 sales a month without much luck being involved, and at scale, you need to have 33 opportunities active. 

If that number is 1 a week, that means 33 a week or ~143 a month. 

If that number is 1 a day, that means 165 in a week or ~715 in a month. 

So in sales, how do we generate sales opportunities? 

We have sales conversations! 

Hypothesis: As a seller, if you are not actively in a scheduled sales meeting, then you should be in your next best sales conversations as efficiently as possible. 

The Solution: Create a system and a process where, if a sales person is not in a scheduled meeting, they should be able to quickly get into their next best sales conversation 

What is the fastest path to a sales conversation? 

It is not door knocking. 

It is not running paid ads.

It is not sending email.

It is not creating content. 

It is not in social DM.

It is picking up the phone.  

It is possible that, if you have a list of your dream list prospects, on the very first dial the person you want to reach actually picks up the phone. 

If you have been calling for long enough, you have had those days where you show up, make 1 dial, reach the 1 person you were trying to reach and that 1 person schedules a meeting and becomes a future sales opportunity. 

We call this the Golden Ratio!  

Now, what if it was possible to accomplish this every time, and at scale? 

As my math brain has faded over the years (I am no longer the same kid), my sales skills were sharpened.

Not by just reading books, but being on the front lines pounding the phones and continuing to refine the system and the process that would ultimately become Phone Ready Leads®

The dream of only being a few actions away from your next best conversation is now a reality. 

In 2023, thanks to the power of Phone Ready Leads® backed with the market leading call deliverability of FrontSpin, we are averaging a 41.7% D2C rate on cold outbound calls.

Calling Dashboard 

Said differently, when either me or The Cold Calling Cowboy are not in a sales meeting, we login into FrontSpin, load a list of PRLs and in just 2.4 dials on average, we are in our next best sales conversation.  

The future of sales is now! Want to see it in action? Schedule your best day of calling yet here.

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