The Last Mile of Lead Gen and Demand Gen


If you’re in sales you’ve probably never thought about the last mile of lead gen and demand gen, but it’s very important and here’s why:  Just like the last mile in a supply chain, it will have a massive impact on the frequency, velocity, and overall efficiency of your sales process.  The same is true […]

Sales Sequences: The List Is the Strategy – Not Your 27 Step Sequence


The list is the strategy, not your 27 step sales sequence. What does this mean? Whoever is on your list when you start prospecting is going to be the difference between success and failure. Lets run an example: You are a rep and you just built a fresh list of 100 leads who work inside […]

Know Your “Dollar Per Dial” Metric


If you dial for dollars, the question should not be, “How many dials does it take for me to make a dollar?” The question should be, “How many dollars do I make every time I make a dial?” Here’s why: Let’s say you are a full cycle AE who sells a $15,000 product or subscription. […]

Why We All Hate Cold Calling

Why do most people end up hating cold calling? There’s only one reason and it might not have to do with your sales leads in the way that you think. Most of the people I meet with looking to improve their phone skills are missing one thing.

Why Cold Calling is Killing Your Sales – How to Do Effective Prospecting

Cold calling as a sales strategy has been around for over 100 years. Since then, we’ve accomplished quite a few things like putting people on the moon, constructing the Empire State Building, and sending robots to Mars. With so many advancements in the past century, you’d think that cold calling would have become more efficient as well – nope!

3 Ways to Not Get Your Ass Beat on the Phone

Let’s face it: your salespeople are getting their asses kicked over the phone when cold calling, and you don’t know what to do about it. Your calls are falling on deaf ears, and your sales team is exhausted. You spend hours every day calling leads just to get shut down before you can even introduce […]

5 Reasons Why Phone Ready Leads® Work – by Josh Braun

Sales development is fractured. Sales teams care more about getting enough bodies to fulfill daily activity goals, then they do having enough conversations.

It doesn’t matter if you could talk to 10 qualified prospects in one hour. It matters that you’ve made 100 dials to people who could care less about your product.

Solve a Problem (or Go Away)

In this exclusive Outbound Sales, No Fluff chapter 1 bonus content, we interview Rachel Mae, a Sales Gal and Director of Sales at A Sales Guy, Inc.. We discuss the question, “why does everybody hates salespeople?”, and the idea of solving a problem for your buyers (or going away). And if you can’t solve a problem, do you know somebody who can?

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