5 Reasons Why Phone Ready Leads® Work – by Josh Braun

Sales development is fractured. Sales teams care more about getting enough bodies to fulfill daily activity goals, then they do having enough conversations.

It doesn’t matter if you could talk to 10 qualified prospects in one hour. It matters that you’ve made 100 dials to people who could care less about your product.

Don’t believe me?

Look at your daily activity quota and tell me I’m wrong.

That’s why Phone Ready Leads® creates a fast and effective way to put your ideal client profile to the test and saves your team a lot of time and effort on the activities that plague most teams.

Here’s the top 5 reasons I think you should try Phone Ready Leads® too:

1. Rapid learning.

In 30 minutes, you can have 7 conversations with people you want to get in front of.

The faster you have conversations with people, the faster you get to message-market fit.

Instead of waiting for people to respond to cold email sequences for days or weeks, learn if your message is resonating instantly.

Once you have message-market fit, amplify on other channels.

2. Honing your message.

My call method has four parts:

  • Level 1: Permission
  • Level 2: Problem
  • Level 3: Poke the Bear
  • Level 4: Promise

Think of each part like levels of a video game. In an hour you can play the video game 20 times.

By making each level a call disposition, you can measure how deep into the calls you get.

Losing 68% of people at level 2? Change level 2.

3. Conversions with an “s”.

As Mark Cuban likes to say, “Every no is one step closer to yes.”.

The more conversations you have the more money you make. The opposite is also true.

4. Love objections.

The most difficult part of cold calling is defusing objections. You get tongue tied because you don’t know & practice your lines.

More reps.
More confidence.
More truth.

That’s why I developed Tongue Tied Objection Flashcards. You’ll know your lines, you’ll feel more confident and a sense of calm will set in whenever prospects put you on the spot.

5. Resilience

Knowing who and who not to talk to helps you develop thick skin that transfers to all aspects of life.

For all 5 reasons, Phone Ready Leads® helps in two important ways:

  1. Book twice as many meetings and have more conversations in one hour than most teams get in a day. That’s because it’s pre-determined that you will be talking to those who are in your target market and who will answer the phone.
  2. Sometimes who you think you should be talking to isn’t exactly right. Find market fit by understanding how to shift your ideal client profile if you aren’t getting the conversations you should be.

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