The Last Mile of Lead Gen and Demand Gen


If you’re in sales you’ve probably never thought about the last mile of lead gen and demand gen, but it’s very important and here’s why: 

Just like the last mile in a supply chain, it will have a massive impact on the frequency, velocity, and overall efficiency of your sales process. 

The same is true for the last mile of lead gen and demand gen. Let’s break it down.

Leads can be generated from a variety of sources: SEO, paid search, paid social, organic social, email, events, podcasts, webinars, referrals, 1:1 email, 1:1 social, or even good, old-fashioned cold calling.  

Once the lead is passed off to a sales professional to begin their sales engagement, it has entered the last mile of lead gen and demand gen. 

In the last mile, there are going to be 3 lead categories or types, regardless of where the lead originally came from:

Type 1: Bad Data – yes, even the hottest referrals can sometimes come with an email that bounces or an incorrect phone number.

Type 2: Workable – you reach out, you reach out, you reach out again and again… but you’ll never get a response or someone to pickup the phone. 

Type 3: Reachable – if you reach out enough to these leads, you’ll actually get a response or have a conversation over the phone. 

Thousands of dollars and countless hours are wasted every day by reps spending time on Type 1 and Type 2 leads. But this is how many teams do it.

The big idea in the last mile of lead gen answers this question: How can I spend my time with the right leads, in the right channel, at the right time?

Knowing this is the key to less effort and more ROI on your time and money. How do you know which leads are Type 3 and which ones might not be? Phone Ready Leads® can do just that. Check out why people, like Josh Braun, love Phone Ready Leads® here.

What are you doing to optimize the last mile of your lead gen and demand gen funnels today?

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