Outbound Sales, No Fluff: The Shakespeare Edition


This Shakespeare edition of Outbound Sales, No Fluff, comes from Chapter 1.

Why doth all salespeople receive such hate?

Why doth all salespeople receive such hate?

‘Tis a question oft posed, one I shall now debate.

In movies and on TV, they are oft portrayed

As scoundrels and knaves, and to be avoided.

But fear not, dear reader, for there is a way

To sell without being a charlatan or stray.

Two things you must know to succeed in this field,

And a great salesperson you will soon be revealed.

The first lesson of sales is this, and ’tis true: No one cares about your product, but only what it can do.

Your prospect’s own problems and desires take center stage,

So solve their issue, or your time and energy you will waste.

Consider a watch, which tells time just the same,

But a luxury brand will fetch much more fame.

Why is this so? 

Each watch a different problem solves:

       A ten-dollar watch for time.

       A hundred-dollar one for style.

       But a million-dollar watch for dominance and power.

Each solving an issue, in its own special hour.

To be successful, start by helping others succeed,

For today’s buyers have much knowledge, and need little to lead.

Your product’s advantages will soon be surpassed,

So build a reputation for helping others, and your career will last.

Be “that person” who can always be counted on,

A resource to all, regardless if a sale is won.

This kind of reputation cannot be taken away,

And will serve as a strong foundation for your career each day.

Chapter 2

Hark, good sirs and ladies, ’tis a truth well known,

That in our efforts, tis but a scarce few that are shown.

The Pareto principle doth tell us, ’tis true,

That most our sales from but a handful doth accrue.

Thus, our goal in this chapter, doth now come to light,

To aid thee in identifying the best companies in sight.

To waste not time on deals that shall not come to pass,

But stay in thy swimlane, and let success be thy class.

In figure A, behold, the prospects too small or too grand,

Or in an industry where thy product doth not stand.

These are not thy swimlane, and should not be thy goal,

But a clear set of criteria, that shall make thy role whole.

Most err by thinking too broad, and thus wasting their days,

Including all who may benefit, in a most frivolous ways.

But remember, tis but a mere fifth, that shall bring thee success,

So focus on thy target buyers, and do not them impress.

A list of characteristics, doth now before thee lie,

Size, geography, industry, technology, budget, and news on high.

If thou dost not know them all, look to thy current customer base,

And use those qualities that the best accounts doth embrace.

But, if thou hast not customers yet, make an educated guess,

And experiment and adapt, as thou dost progress.

And if thou dost receive inbound leads, that are not of thy swimlane,

Work them until disqualified or closed, but let not thy effort be in vain.

And leaders, pay heed, for ’tis thou who must define the swimlane

And build incentive plans around it, for great success to obtain.

Failing to stick to it, shall result in lower profits and much waste,

So stay in thy lane, and success shall be thy constant taste.

Chapter 3

Hark! ‘Tis time to target those companies of note,

And to the people therein, doth sell our glote

“Hark! ‘Tis time to target those companies of note,

And to the people therein, doth sell our glote.

For in B2B doth sales oft hinge on consensus,

Where many opinions must needs be expressed.

Thus, ’tis crucial to identify each role,

And tailor our pitch to each member’s goal.

A CFO doth care for profit and margin,

So financial argument must needs begin.

But a CEO doth seek strategic value,

Thus our product’s worth must needs be delved.

But if our pitch doth not align with their need,

‘Tis likely ‘So what’ their response shall be.

Thus, to each buyer persona, doth we attend,

And tailor our pitch to their wants and end.”

“Outbound sales, no fluff, doth we employ,

As we seek to each buyer persona, deploy.

Questions of job and role, of success and tool,

Must needs be answered, to each buyer’s rule.

Thus, as we craft our call scripts and email,

We must ask, ‘What’s in it for my buyer to unveil?

And will this buyer reply, ‘So what?’

For otherwise, a sale doth risk to be nought.”


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