Sales Development

5 Reasons Why Phone Ready Leads® Work – by Josh Braun

Sales development is fractured. Sales teams care more about getting enough bodies to fulfill daily activity goals, then they do having enough conversations.

It doesn’t matter if you could talk to 10 qualified prospects in one hour. It matters that you’ve made 100 dials to people who could care less about your product.

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Outbound Sales No Fluff

Solve a Problem (or Go Away)

In this exclusive Outbound Sales, No Fluff chapter 1 bonus content, we interview Rachel Mae, a Sales Gal and Director of Sales at A Sales Guy, Inc.. We discuss the question, “why does everybody hates salespeople?”, and the idea of solving a problem for your buyers (or going away). And if you can’t solve a problem, do you know somebody who can?

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Coaching Culture with Kevin Dorsey

In episode 10 of The Sales Topics Podcast, Ryan talks to Kevin Dorsey, VP of Inside Sales at PatientPop, to discuss revenue intelligence and coaching culture in sales.

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Outbound Sales No Fluff

Identifying Your Swim Lane

In this Outbound Sales, No Fluff chapter 2 bonus content, Ryan Reisert is interviewed by James Bawden, Owner of The Lunch Break Media Group and experienced Director of Sales. They discuss your swim lane and how to identify it, then how to double down on the people that you need to talk to and get rid of the people that you shouldn’t.

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